Testing 1.01

I lay there quietly, wrapped up in the fuzzy comforter of my bed. It felt like I could lie there forever, and I would have if my alarm didn’t start buzzing, the sunlight suddenly streaming over me and the entire room. I lightly tap the snooze button for five more minutes while I sigh. It never fails that I wake up right before my alarm. I wonder if I could turn the noise off and let the sunlight wake me up since I always fall back asleep without the heat. I should give it a try tonight.

My alarm goes off for the second time, and I get covered in sunlight again. I stop my alarm to lie there for a bit, lightly rub my irritated eyes, then stand up. My apartment is across from a colossal skyscraper that blocks the sun, so I installed this artificial sunlight lamp in my window. I walk from the side of my bed to the switch and gently flip it to turn the sunlight off. I always turn it off after my alarm since I don’t enjoy leaving it on while awake. My apartment feels “dead and empty” without it, according to my friend who gave it to me. Don’t tell her I barely use it during the day.

I walk over and sit down at my desk, turning on the table lamp. I open my purple laptop and yelp a little as I see my reflection on the dark screen. Wow, my hair is extremely messy. My long (COLOR HERE) hair is sticking every way except down. I push it down with my hands and it does make it look better, but I still see little twigs pointing out in all directions. I sigh loudly. It’s good enough, anyhow. I don’t plan to go out on a Sunday of all days.

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